Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crows dare to stand up for their rights.

Today, I thought I'll write a blog on how we admire the beautiful looking people, but instead, I am here with the crows!

Yesterday morning, we woke up with the heaviest rain so far this summer. The whole day we were busy in keeping the house dry, and thought we'd have a good sleep as the night was very pleasant after the rain. Well, This morning my sleep was disturbed by the noise of crows.
CAW...CAW ...CAW....CAW!!!
It went on and on, they just would not stop cawing. Somebody tried to shoo them away, instead of flying off they cawed more angrily.

When I got up and peeped through the window, I saw what must have been all the crows in the neighbourhood gathered in our area and looking downwards cawing and threatening to fight with anyone who tried to stop them cawing. The reason? Yesterday's rainstorms had broken some branches of the big tree ,and one of the baby birds fell off from one of the crows' nests and died. And when some one tried to throw the dead bird away, the crows objected to any one touching the dead bird.
This is a fact that crows not only support their own kind, but they would object to anyone touching any bird belonging to other kind in the same manner!

I guess crows are the one that dare to fight for their right. When they get angry, they will first make lots of loud noise to protest; (they know the noise they make is no music to any other creature and especially to us humans who seem to love only good melodies for our ears, isn't it?) Next they will swoop down across "the enemy". I know a number people who have lost their eyes after being attacked by crows!

The best way to avoid such situations would be not to react to their angry cawing, but rather, try to offer them some food to make peace with them!

I learnt this technique this morning.

Someone got up and took the trouble of taking out some cool rice and offer the crows.

Some of the crows took the offer happily, ( maybe the leaders?! ) but the rest of them did not join in the meal. Anyhow, the cawing rhythm was disturbed and slowly they stopped the protest.

No doubt, thereafter, whole morning I could still feel that the crows' moods were bad and were ready for another round of cawing. Amazing isn't it?! They are like us humans, who would not like to be intimidated!!!

Or is it that they learn all these manners from us humans and copy our behaviour?
I remember the episode about crows from "The Life of Birds" on BBC presented by Sir David Attenborough and I learnt crows are one of the most intelligent birds on earth. If I am not wrong, they have strong memories like elephants!

Like them or hate them, we must admit they are the only birds that dare to stand up for their rights!!

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