Sunday, June 24, 2007

How a woodrose blossomed in Sandy's Backyard through Humanflowerproject!

Today there will be few words in Sandy's Backyard.
For I am taking you to Julie Ardery's site: where you will find how the woodrose blooms amongst the world of beautiful and fragrant flowers!
that this wonderful world of humanflowerproject came into my focus and it has now seen this flower seedpod-woodrose bloom . Thank you, Julie. I have only one word to express to you, of how you have turned this simple seedpod turn into a beautiful flower - WOW!

Friday, June 22, 2007

A peep into my chocolate box of pebbles (part 1!)

Well, I thought I'll not have time to write a blog today. As tomorrow is the weekend, I may as well just be brief and let's peep into some of my chocolate boxes filled with pebbles.
Some of it I collected on the road- will tell you the story some other day.

Some of them I got from the fish seller (aquarist) in Hyderabad (,_India) who is actually a tailor but loves fish so much that he used to keep some fish in his workshop. Gradually he ended up keeping and selling the extra fish whenever he got a buyer!
What a nice way to make both ends meet! Sometimes, I would wonder which gets him the bread and butter? The hobby or the dress making?
Anyway, his wife loves pebbles and when she came to know that I loved stones and pebbles , she parted with many of these wonderful pebbles. My son would go for his fish's food, and I'd follow him to see the pebbles in the tailor's shop! What a novel way to get the best for all of us!
Nature can give us so much of joy and pleasure, I feel they are as beautiful as the Swarovski's Crystal - except these are real and natural.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The man-made amber

The other day I saw a programme presented by Sir David Attenborough on his amber.
This programme was simply mind blowing, especially for a person like me who loves collecting stones, seeds, leaves and what not! They are like an eye opener!

Today, I will share with you : man-made amber, from one of my ( my family members term some of these stones as JUNK!) collections.

I got these artifacts as gifts from China when I visited the place a few years back.
First, I must clarify that these creatures were already dead before they were molded inside the plastic.

These artifacts are made, mainly to show how dead creatures can be transformed into some beautiful gifts. Artistic items with a skillful imagination!
I know they can never be as beautiful as the real amber which Sir Attenborough has...

But these man-made amber do have a different charm. Especially after the light is switched off, the dead creatures and the calligraphy glow distinctively with the green fluorescent light, indeed transforming them into pretty and charming mementos!!

p.s. the first picture is Sir David Attenborough with his beautiful amber!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney

Happy Birthday To you, Paul McCartney


It's been a long long time ago since the day we first went crazy over you.
And all these seem to be only Yesterday.

I remember my college days, the carefree days, how we would take many breaks from our drawing and painting classes and hang around in the college garden talking about paintings, books, compositions and dreams ...but always ending up talking about the Beatles. There were many songbirds in the college garden singing your melodious song "Black Bird".
And I remember how I loved humming "Yesterday" and "When I am 64".

Everyone would laugh at me for liking these two songs. Because we were very young then, we had so many wonderful musicians in that era. And who would like to be 64?
"Come on, Sandy, life has a long way to go..." That was what I'd be told.. Yes, life has been long and it was like a beautiful tapestry all the while!

I also remember I was asked this question by my husband , who then was my senior and a friend in the college.
He asked me who is my idol.. it seems I used to like Alain Delon and you, both were so handsome... and all teenage girls love a handsome idol , isn't it?!
I could not answer him at that moment.. (Zapped).
After three days, my answer was "Paul McCartney".
"Because of his music..!"

And thank you Paul... You have proved that many of your fans like me are right. Thank you for all your beautiful music which had kept us moving on and reaching out to our dreams and learnt how to fly like your Black Bird!

I took "Off the Ground" with your Wings and roamed the world of music like your "Wanderlust"...And with your "Long and Winding Road" taking me back to Sandy's Backyard with these beautiful memories....

I thank you for bringing back these beautiful memories to me on your Birthday.

May you have a Wonderful Birthday and live your life as colourful as your music.

p.s. I'd like to thank my friends on the internet for these pictures.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crows dare to stand up for their rights.

Today, I thought I'll write a blog on how we admire the beautiful looking people, but instead, I am here with the crows!

Yesterday morning, we woke up with the heaviest rain so far this summer. The whole day we were busy in keeping the house dry, and thought we'd have a good sleep as the night was very pleasant after the rain. Well, This morning my sleep was disturbed by the noise of crows.
CAW...CAW ...CAW....CAW!!!
It went on and on, they just would not stop cawing. Somebody tried to shoo them away, instead of flying off they cawed more angrily.

When I got up and peeped through the window, I saw what must have been all the crows in the neighbourhood gathered in our area and looking downwards cawing and threatening to fight with anyone who tried to stop them cawing. The reason? Yesterday's rainstorms had broken some branches of the big tree ,and one of the baby birds fell off from one of the crows' nests and died. And when some one tried to throw the dead bird away, the crows objected to any one touching the dead bird.
This is a fact that crows not only support their own kind, but they would object to anyone touching any bird belonging to other kind in the same manner!

I guess crows are the one that dare to fight for their right. When they get angry, they will first make lots of loud noise to protest; (they know the noise they make is no music to any other creature and especially to us humans who seem to love only good melodies for our ears, isn't it?) Next they will swoop down across "the enemy". I know a number people who have lost their eyes after being attacked by crows!

The best way to avoid such situations would be not to react to their angry cawing, but rather, try to offer them some food to make peace with them!

I learnt this technique this morning.

Someone got up and took the trouble of taking out some cool rice and offer the crows.

Some of the crows took the offer happily, ( maybe the leaders?! ) but the rest of them did not join in the meal. Anyhow, the cawing rhythm was disturbed and slowly they stopped the protest.

No doubt, thereafter, whole morning I could still feel that the crows' moods were bad and were ready for another round of cawing. Amazing isn't it?! They are like us humans, who would not like to be intimidated!!!

Or is it that they learn all these manners from us humans and copy our behaviour?
I remember the episode about crows from "The Life of Birds" on BBC presented by Sir David Attenborough and I learnt crows are one of the most intelligent birds on earth. If I am not wrong, they have strong memories like elephants!

Like them or hate them, we must admit they are the only birds that dare to stand up for their rights!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How a handsome man did not want to look handsome

When we talk of the flamboyant Spanish Surrealist Painter Salvador Dali, We see those melted clocks and twisted human figures appear in our mind.

And the man with the most pointed moustache (wonder how he kept them so stiff!- with wax?) and staring at us with his pair of marble size eyes... rather the dreamy figure that sometime visits us in our dreams.
But all these images fizzled away from my vision after I read Julie Ardery's blog

I begin to search and try to see how Dali looked behind his Moustache and the marbles eyes...

Oh yes he was handsome!

Check this up! ( hold this page for few minutes and see the dream like effect!) enjoy!

I am still wondering why some one who was handsome and did not want to look handsome?!

Isn't it that we try to look our best all the time? We even want to look better than our works!

Yes Julie has put it right, Dali was a Narcissus... he did not fall in love with his own look ,but he fell in love with his work!

He even lived like one of the characters from his painting!

What a dream and what a fantastic dreamer!

Friday, June 8, 2007

supposed to be a floating museum


I wonder if everyone has a 'Penny lane' and 'Strawberry Fields Forever' in one's backyard.

This is my 'Penny lane', situated at the backyard of the Government College of Arts and Crafts ,Calcutta. It's a place where we used to hang out and dream of becoming a Picasso, Van Gough or a Monet... Wow ... Once in a while, there would be a fish popping up to greet us and add some beautiful ripples on the surface of the water making our dreams so much like Salvador Dali's world...

Well , many years back, The Indian Museum of Calcutta planned to build a floating museum on this pond, but somehow the project did not take off, leaving behind these bamboo stumps in the pond.

During the rainy seasons, with the reflections of the bamboo stumps, buildings and plants around the pond, we see the pond transformed into a beautiful piece of art ... we must say God is the greatest artist and Nature is his masterpiece.

Recently, I noticed that my little granddaughter was aware of her shadows when she was 7 months old... and she was crawling after her shadow! May be we all love to see the mystery of the shadows?!
So, come and share with me these almost like Chinese Brush Art painting pictures of my 'Penny lane'...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

new backyard!

I was sailing for a long time in Sandy's Space ! You can say I was lost in the space... Therefore not much activities on earth... So my son Allan brought me back to earth and put me in this Backyard... here I am in Sandy's backyard...

Hope I can be more lively and share some beautiful things in this Backyard with many of you...

Who knows many beautiful Flowers (dreams) may bloom and mature into sweet fruits in this backyard....??!!
For a start I must share the most visited page of mine from Sandy's Space

(August 29
Happy Birthday Bae Yong Joon ---- from Sandy’s Space!!
You are the key to this Sandy’s space!!! Started from Julie Ardery’s
In fact, calling all BYJ ‘s fans on this side of the network, (very serious tips! ) When your net is down and sleeping … unable to link to any site, click on the Google search : type ‘Bae Yong Joon” and enter, it works like Alibaba’s magic words “Open Sesame” I found it’s very effective)…. See how the net wakes up!!!. Of course, it will not work when the net is completely disabled from your local network provider. During such time you either land up calling your connecters and give them your choicest advice or pull your hair out from your head…..!!!
I wish I can upload more pictures in the album, but on second thought, I think it may add more joy if you search Bae Yong Joon ‘s WebPages yourself…. I can assure you that his web pages can really make you feel you are in a real spider’s web…..amazing link from one touch point to the others… have fun and find out how Sweet ( at least his die-hard fans feel that way ) a person Bae Yong Joon is, with his ever ready sweet smiles… no wonder the whole world is keen to know about the present craze of Korea ( Hallyu)
Opps, it’s supposed to be a Happy Birthday page… well, I can feel how Bae Yong Joon’s parents feel for him today…. Especially his mother; do have a wonderful day with your birthday Boy today!
I have given here one of his famous pages
For those who do not know Bae Yong Joon by now; discover him in Sandy’s space.
p.s Calling Bae Yong Joon’s fans to add more pictures of his, in this site!
12:20 PM Add a comment Send a message)

This should be termed as a soft landing!

Right, it's a Backyard, therefore, I need not worry too much about what is right and what is wrong to say..isn't it?!
The best place to spend one's time is the backyard . Here you can go on talking for hours with no fixed subjects. Sometimes you even let your food get burnt without feeling guilty!!!

Anyway, it's my new alloted site , still have to learn a lot of things on how to get the best from this site..

Well, the baby is awake, got to babysit... got to leave the yard..... bye....loaded some pictures of the baby ,isn't it she is a darling.....