Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Summer time with rains in Kolkata

When I look back, already three moon festivals have gone in Sandy's Backyard... This year, somehow I've eaten the mooncakes!!
  But shy to say that I do not know which night was the moon festival night this year! And this year is like any other year, I feel the urge to start painting seriously again!! SERIOULY!!
Yea, got to be more serious , really... But, of late I find 24 hours a day is too less for me... May be time is going faster when one becomes old... Or, perhaps my world is completely taken over by my little granddaughter ~ Ayin... I simply cannot believe how summer has gone and very soon winter will set in...
Actually, the dry windy air is already in the atmosphere, and the dryness on our face, nose and in the throat are felt. It's time to wash the blankets.... I feel the chill while coming home at night... I guess in morning, one can feel the chill too... but shy to say that, I am a late riser, so I have not felt the chill in the morning as yet!
Looking back again, last year between October 2008 to May 2009 we had one of the driest weathers in Kolkata... During those eight months we saw the whole city covered with thick layers of dust... And the city looked almost after a volcano eruption... Then came the rain.... a good blessed monsoon after so many months' wait...
Do share this year's monsoon of Kolkata with me in Humanflowerproject
Yes, it rains and rains.... AS if one can never have enough of the rain.... And...Lol!! Hard to believe the monsoon seems to have gone already!
We are now back to waiting for the next monsoon to come. Only hoping this time the wait will not be another long wait like the last one....