Thursday, April 2, 2009

First day to School, a big step in life.

It's hard to believe that it is time for our little girl to start her school!
Time has changed so much, in our time we started school when we were eight years old.
When it was our son's time, he started school when he was four years old.
But today's children start school as early as 18 months old!
As a matter of fact, these are not exactly regular schools, rather play schools where children learn how to inter-react with their own age-group.
The concept of this could be for the reasons, that there have been great changes in our society.
Firstly, the mothers, especially the urban mothers have the opportunity to pursue their careers even after they become mothers.
Secondly, especially in the metro cities, the nuclear family system has taken over the age-old joint family system.
Thirdly, the urban couple no longer desires to have more than one or two children.
And, the most important change will be, a female baby is being loved/valued as much as a male baby in the family!
In old conservative systems like ours,
these changes have taken roots with positive results, which have helped us move on.
Oops... I almost got out of track with all these changes in this page!
I am supposed to share here our little girl's first day of her pre-school, isn't it?!
Well, when she turned two years old, we were all mentally prepared to get her admitted to a pre-school.
We started introducing the idea of school to her, weeks ahead of her actually going to school.
Of how to share her toys with others, no aggressiveness with others and how to share her tiffins with others....etc
She seems to be happiest with the idea of the tiffin box, as it will contain some cakes, fruits and a small bit of chocolate!!
At last, this morning her Mummy drops her to school with her Spider-man school bag.
(Oh she loves to imagine that she is the Spiderman-
and she likes to be addressed, "Hey, Peter Parker!"
There, this is what I mean by changes...
Girls no longer need to play with her dolls anymore! They are allowed to imagine they can be a hero like superman/spiderman.. fly around to save the needy and the world)
We have not accompanied her to school for the fear that our little one may insist,
like she always does " Apho (that's me, she calls) come!!!"
And there is a possibility that if she finds I am not allowed to be with her in the school, she will follow me back home!!
Anyway, my husband and I join her mother to collect her after the school...
Oohhh... it is a good feeling to see her coming out with so many other tiny-dots...some of them are crying, with the obvious sign of missing their parents...but our little one looks as cheerful as her usual self, except with a touch of shyness...
Before leaving school, she joins to play with the others in the swing, slide... and even has a ride on the merry-go-round that's outside the school gate.
In the midst of all these excitement, her Mummy notices our little one is wearing someone else's shoes!!!
On the way home, she is chattering...
" Anna (that's what she calls herself) ate Chips..!!"
Her Mummy looks surprised... " I did not give you any chips... Ooohh! you have eaten somebody's tiffin!!"
We become more curious... we start asking if she has fought with any one at school? Has she cried?
And from her sketchy answers, we guess, she has not cried
nor fought with anyone over toys...
and she goes on... " The teachers teach us singing!... and ask what is this... Oh, it is tomatoes, grapes, lion, tiger, monkey, bird, flowers and lioncopter..."
Hey!! Wait!! what's this lioncopter????
"Helicopter!?" I say.
"No! lioncopter !!" she insists.
Mmmm... what animal is this ?
At last another suggestion from me ... "hmmnnn ... alligator?"
" Alligator!" approvingly, she nods her head.
Well, what an exciting day for her and us!!
Our little one's first day in school has been a big step forward not only for her, for us, as well.
She feels good to think that tomorrow she will be in school again...
Tomorrow, Mummy will surely remember to include chips in her tiffin box , and write her name in her shoes....
And when she returns from school tomorrow, we will look forward to more new words like 'lioncopter'....from her!
"Our baby girl, your papa is on his musical tour, and this page is especially for him to share your first day in school!"

2nd April 2009.