Monday, September 29, 2008

my Sunflower

Music ! Music !!

Without knowing another Moon Festival is gone! I have missed the moon-cake this year too...!!

For a change, I will share this post not with music but with few of my water colour painting...

As usual in my style... rather messy.. but it's okay as I am still insisting "I paint for myself..."

With that excuse, I think I should be comfortable to keep painting...


I feel I should share here "Bodhuree"-(friend) a song by "Cactus"

I almost think that Sidhu (Siddhartha Roy) at his best in this song!!

Hear his calling... "Bodhuree..."

The daily call that we hear from the fisherman, the farmer in the open air around Bengal countryside...

This is almost a perfect "Baul"
song of Bengal in contemporary music performed by the amazing Bangla Rock Band of Kolkata- "Cactus"...

Need I say more?