Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As promised.. Here's Cactus Live 2008 at City Centre, Kolkata

As usual I always try to keep my promises...
So this is the 2nd song from the Bengali Rock Band Cactus.
"mon"..."my heart..."

Have you noticed more of these "Fairy Tale Creatures" in this show too?!
With Cactus' dear buddie June Malia singing, this all time favorite song sounds still sweeter to all Cactus die-hard fans..Enjoy....

Watch out for more of Cactus fine performances here in Sandy's Backyard

Am I one of the fairy tale creatures?!..

Check up this live recording of Allan and his talented buddies...Bengali rock band "Cactus"

One of Cactus fans' all time favorites.... "Shudhu Tumi.." (Everyone came... except you...)

Watch out for more of such music videos from Sandy's Backyard... As I have become one of the most faithful fans of Allan and his buddies...

Actually, I must confess that, it was my mother who was encouraging Allan all the way to do what he loves to do in life... That's music!!

My mother http://sandyao.blogspot.com/2007/06/happy-birthday-dearest-mother_27.html
would insist that, me, being a parent, should attend all Allan's stage performances...!!

So, my husband and myself make it point to be in most of his and his budddies live shows....

Which my husband says we are almost like..."Fairy tale creatures " in Shrek.

Fortunately, Allan never tells us like Shrek says to one of his fairy tale creatures...
"Why are you following me....!?"

P.S. Have you noticed my blue teeth after eating Ayin's birthday's cake!!
I surely am one of the fairy tale creatures in Shrek!!