Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Birthday

I think I am like my little granddaughter, how she loves birthdays.
Today is my birthday... 16th Jan, I am 60!!

But to be honest, physically, I do feel every bone of mine is 60 years old, otherwise, I feel I am as young as my one year old girl!

There are so much to learn and so much to discover... how can I feel old?!

When I have so many loved ones, be it family members or friends who are constantly giving me strength and support, and making me live my life so beautifully for the last 60 years.

Today, being my birthday, let me thank you all for making me feel life so wonderful..Especially to my mother who gave birth to me... Mom I love you.

You should see how my little one enjoys my birthday more than any one of us, and she thinks today is her birthday! .... How she loves the strawberry cake which her mother bought... and how she enjoys the flowers that her fahter bought for me... and how my husband still think I can look as young as ever through his lens....!!!

Looking at my little one, I begin to imagine, when I am 81 years old like my mother, would I become a great grandmother like her?
For, by that time our little one will be 22....:)

I guess I'll have to start singing "when I am 84".... not 64...!!