Friday, October 5, 2007

my moon

I do not know if it is because I am not active with my blog or time flies off faster than I thought?

And it appears most of my writeup are of "Birthday".

Well, for a change today I will share here with you : "My Moon".
In the past few years , after the Chinese Moon Festival, the urge to paint would always take place in me. And I would be painting for a while in this season.

With the crisp air and the clear night sky one tends to calm down and wants to dream away one's fantasy...

But, this year without knowing, The Moon Festival was over and I haven't eaten
any Moon Cakes!!
Fortunately the romantic air is there and the urge to paint is still there...
But, before I seriously start painting (?!) Come join me
in "My Moon" in Sandy's Backyard.

I guess every one loves gazing up to see
The azure sky,
The clouds,
The rain, and its rainbow.
The rising and the setting sun.
In the twilight we will try to search out
The morning star,
The evening star, the Polaris and
The moon.
Of course not wanting to miss any shooting stars that streak
The universe.
And this season ( Autumn) to see the milky way
With the faint light of the moving satellite and the jet airplane
Adding extra
Twinkles in the dark night sky...
Endless imaginations and wonders
These heavenly bodies offer to us. Especially
The moon and the stars...

Here some pictures of "My Moon" .

I used the simplest digital cameras, (Sony handy cam, Sony digital cam and Olympus) and experimented my mood with the Moody moon.
The third and the last four pictures were taken in one Live concert where Allan and his group played one of their best performances.
With their sweet music in the air and the gentle wind moving the leaves,
the moon looked so beautiful and abstract...

I guess I need not write more than this, as the most versatile object is on the centre stage of Sandy's Backyard...
Enjoy her eternal performance...