Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy birthday to our little Ayinla.

It sure is a good season for me for I've just finished wishing my mother on her 81st birthday.

And today I am here wishing our little grand daughter Ayin on her first birthday!!EC8F2329F08E7C65!275.entry

" HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Ayin.(31/8)

It seems it was only yesterday that you were born. I remember the boundless joy you brought to us when we saw the first sight of your delicate life coming into this world, tenderly holding you in our arms and frightened of hurting you..

I remember our excitement of watching your smiles , your cries and your movements..

The sleepless night on the first day of your birth, pitying on how you tried to adjust to the strange surroundings which was going to be your world thereafter.

The endless changing of nappies, rocking and cleaning, the nursery rhymes, your seasonal illness...

The excitement of your first sucking on your mother's breast, your first tooth, your first turning, your first sitting, your first crawling, your first word "Papa", your first standing, your first step..

Today when you turn one year old, you are running around calling us our respective names.

Singing along with us and dancing along with the music...

In fact you have turned into a perfect one year old child..

Your father and mother are both rather quiet persons. Before you came into their life, their house used to be so neat and tidy but silent. The only life we saw were those fish swiming around your father's three aquariums!

Today I am glad, with you around, their house has turned into a makeshift house, with books, toys, cloths, milk bottles, clips, ribbons, spoons etc lying everywhere!

The most welcome sight would be the laughter and the noises you make. And your father has forgotten his famous three aquariums!

You brought life into your parents lives...Also ours.
The other day your father asked me "what is the difference between a child and the grandchild?" Well, I told him that, to me, he is like a guitar and whereas his daughter ( you) is like music...

Your father understood what I meant. For he is a musician.

I felt the tremendous joy when my mother ( your great grand mother ) told me tenderly that , you are the image of me when I was a baby of your age ...

Actually we all see part of us in You...!

My Birthday girl, may you grow into a wonderful human being and bring lots of happiness to your parents.

May God be with you always and bless you with many wonderful Birthdays in your life.

Happy Birthday, our sweet little Ayin, we love you..."