Tuesday, July 3, 2007

small, beautiful things that we ignore

For the last few days it had been raining non-stop and there is water everywhere.

So is the case in Sandy's Backyard!

Actually, our local internet provider is unable to keep the connection stable during rainy season and hence, the irregularity in the blog being updated.

Ha! In this case not even the magic of Bae Yong Joon can help me!

Besides that, my grandchild is growing fast - she is moving around the house in her walker and senses everything around her with curiosity .

I can hardly sit down with the computer, for she loves to help me with the mouse and the keyboard... But she is a darling!

It seems my gossip days at my backyard will have to be brief and irregular! But then I can always talk less and upload more pictures, right?

What could be the best way to daydream during rainy season? Hmmm...alright, here we go...

Fancy walking on the beach and collecting the shells after each tide ebbs?

No matter how small and plain the shell looks, there's always joy to pick up each shell, isn't it?

That's how, unknowingly, we collected bowlfuls of seashells. Anyway, today I'll show you what I purchased on the sidewalk near Victoria Memorial, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_Memorial_%28India%29,
Calcutta http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calcutta during one of the rainy days.

It is of some artifacts which are made with the shells from the sea beach of Puri, Orissa. http://www.shubhyatra.com/orissa/

I guess, considering the price I paid for the toys (Rs. 2 for each tortoise and Rs. 5 for the mouse), the artists make these least sophisticated but definitely indigenous shells toys. They are made simply to express how shells can become something that are worthy for someone like me and not merely for money!

After reaching home, these toys look so at home with the other small collection in one corner of the house! Aren't they gorgeous?