Friday, June 22, 2007

A peep into my chocolate box of pebbles (part 1!)

Well, I thought I'll not have time to write a blog today. As tomorrow is the weekend, I may as well just be brief and let's peep into some of my chocolate boxes filled with pebbles.
Some of it I collected on the road- will tell you the story some other day.

Some of them I got from the fish seller (aquarist) in Hyderabad (,_India) who is actually a tailor but loves fish so much that he used to keep some fish in his workshop. Gradually he ended up keeping and selling the extra fish whenever he got a buyer!
What a nice way to make both ends meet! Sometimes, I would wonder which gets him the bread and butter? The hobby or the dress making?
Anyway, his wife loves pebbles and when she came to know that I loved stones and pebbles , she parted with many of these wonderful pebbles. My son would go for his fish's food, and I'd follow him to see the pebbles in the tailor's shop! What a novel way to get the best for all of us!
Nature can give us so much of joy and pleasure, I feel they are as beautiful as the Swarovski's Crystal - except these are real and natural.