Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The man-made amber

The other day I saw a programme presented by Sir David Attenborough on his amber.
This programme was simply mind blowing, especially for a person like me who loves collecting stones, seeds, leaves and what not! They are like an eye opener!

Today, I will share with you : man-made amber, from one of my ( my family members term some of these stones as JUNK!) collections.

I got these artifacts as gifts from China when I visited the place a few years back.
First, I must clarify that these creatures were already dead before they were molded inside the plastic.

These artifacts are made, mainly to show how dead creatures can be transformed into some beautiful gifts. Artistic items with a skillful imagination!
I know they can never be as beautiful as the real amber which Sir Attenborough has...

But these man-made amber do have a different charm. Especially after the light is switched off, the dead creatures and the calligraphy glow distinctively with the green fluorescent light, indeed transforming them into pretty and charming mementos!!

p.s. the first picture is Sir David Attenborough with his beautiful amber!!