Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney

Happy Birthday To you, Paul McCartney


It's been a long long time ago since the day we first went crazy over you.
And all these seem to be only Yesterday.

I remember my college days, the carefree days, how we would take many breaks from our drawing and painting classes and hang around in the college garden talking about paintings, books, compositions and dreams ...but always ending up talking about the Beatles. There were many songbirds in the college garden singing your melodious song "Black Bird".
And I remember how I loved humming "Yesterday" and "When I am 64".

Everyone would laugh at me for liking these two songs. Because we were very young then, we had so many wonderful musicians in that era. And who would like to be 64?
"Come on, Sandy, life has a long way to go..." That was what I'd be told.. Yes, life has been long and it was like a beautiful tapestry all the while!

I also remember I was asked this question by my husband , who then was my senior and a friend in the college.
He asked me who is my idol.. it seems I used to like Alain Delon and you, both were so handsome... and all teenage girls love a handsome idol , isn't it?!
I could not answer him at that moment.. (Zapped).
After three days, my answer was "Paul McCartney".
"Because of his music..!"

And thank you Paul... You have proved that many of your fans like me are right. Thank you for all your beautiful music which had kept us moving on and reaching out to our dreams and learnt how to fly like your Black Bird!

I took "Off the Ground" with your Wings and roamed the world of music like your "Wanderlust"...And with your "Long and Winding Road" taking me back to Sandy's Backyard with these beautiful memories....

I thank you for bringing back these beautiful memories to me on your Birthday.

May you have a Wonderful Birthday and live your life as colourful as your music.

p.s. I'd like to thank my friends on the internet for these pictures.