Friday, June 8, 2007

supposed to be a floating museum


I wonder if everyone has a 'Penny lane' and 'Strawberry Fields Forever' in one's backyard.

This is my 'Penny lane', situated at the backyard of the Government College of Arts and Crafts ,Calcutta. It's a place where we used to hang out and dream of becoming a Picasso, Van Gough or a Monet... Wow ... Once in a while, there would be a fish popping up to greet us and add some beautiful ripples on the surface of the water making our dreams so much like Salvador Dali's world...

Well , many years back, The Indian Museum of Calcutta planned to build a floating museum on this pond, but somehow the project did not take off, leaving behind these bamboo stumps in the pond.

During the rainy seasons, with the reflections of the bamboo stumps, buildings and plants around the pond, we see the pond transformed into a beautiful piece of art ... we must say God is the greatest artist and Nature is his masterpiece.

Recently, I noticed that my little granddaughter was aware of her shadows when she was 7 months old... and she was crawling after her shadow! May be we all love to see the mystery of the shadows?!
So, come and share with me these almost like Chinese Brush Art painting pictures of my 'Penny lane'...