Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feel the Power of the Insignificant from Cactus (live)

Wow...Another Cactus Live....!!

The song that I up loaded here in Sandy's Backyard -
"Tuccho Ami" - the " Insignificant me..." is a very powerful song from Cactus' new album, which is to be released tomorrow: 19th September,2008.

Note the unmitakable powerful voice of Sidhu interlocking with the Sayak's melodious soprano...hmm... and Allan's delicate yet powerful guitaring supported by Sandip's heavy bass, Baji's relentless drums along with Buti's haunting keyboard...."Tuccho Ami" is not to be taken lightly!!

I believe all die-hard Cactus fans will agree with me and dig this as a "Must hear" song from Cactus...

Otherwise, no problem...I will not mind to listen to this song all by myself again and again...

Hey! we are almost having a concert in Sandy's Backyard for the last few days... with all these Cactus' live shows...

As matter of fact, Allan and his buddies are having a jam-packed concerts in these recent weeks.

Besides, I did promise that I'll come up with more of Allan and his buddies live shows videos..

May be, I should upload some of his other videos where he is with his other buddies...
that sounds good already!! Isn't it?!

In the meantime enjoy this "Tuccho Ami" and feel the power....of the "Insignificant" Cactus

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