Monday, August 25, 2008

Bae Yong Joon- still a darling to his die-hard fans

It seems we are going to have a Happy Birthday season in Sandy's Backyard...
For a start, here is a Happy Birthday wish for you... Bae Yong joon!
Two years ago when I first started a blog, I wished you a happy birthday in Sandy's space.!EC8F2329F08E7C65!270.entry
Honestly, I did not imagined that page will become a very fond page for your fans across the world.
In fact, that page happens to be the most visited page in Sandy's space.
And which almost makes me feel that time has stood still to believe that all your fans want to keep wishing you a happy birthday every day in the last two years!!!
It's just like after celebrating our little girl's 1st birthday (31.8.07) , she wants us to sing the "Happy Birthday" song to her again and again for the last 363 days... ( And we are all geared up to sing this fond song to her within the next two days...) In the meanwhile, today, in Sandy's Backyard, we will sing this song especially for you.
Last time when I wished you a happy birthday, I had only the Asian fans with me to wish you the happiness .
This time I am sure I have fans all over the world ( Europe, South America/ Africa, Middle East..) want to wish you the very best, as well want to know more about the magic of your charm.
Truely, in your official web says ( in this link we will find few of Bae Yong Joon's own photographs)
"Don't they say while all other stars move around in the night sky...."
And you are the "Polaris"
as in "Winter Love Song",,
and stay firmly for all the "Jung Yu Jins" in this real world!
I am sure in your forthcoming book, with your own photographs on Korea(
You will make every one want to know more about your beautiful country, country-men/women!
With which you will create a further magic link between you and your fans...!!
No wonder you are forever the true "Polaris"
to all your die-hard fans across the world!
Oops, this is supposed to be a birthday wish blog, isn't it?!
Mmmm.....Many, many more birthday songs to be sung to you and many, many more birthday wishes to be wished to you...... have a wonderful day and keep giving your fans your sweetest smiles!!
Happy Birthday....Bae Yong Joon...
*( A birthday gift to his fans! A link that's supposed to be a must for all the Bae Yong Joon die-hard fans.. here we go.. )*
P.S. O0ps again!!! I almost forgot to mention that when my net is sleeping, the magic words "Bae Yong Joon" in my Google bar is still very effective!!!
Amazing !!! isn't it?!

Many "Thanks" to everyone with thier links and photos of Bae Yong Joon being here to wish him a Happy Birthday!
29th August 2008


Ellimac said...

Oh my god! This man is so... handsome. I can't find other words to describe him! He was awsome in April Snow! So lovely...

♥ BYJ forever!

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