Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How a handsome man did not want to look handsome

When we talk of the flamboyant Spanish Surrealist Painter Salvador Dali, We see those melted clocks and twisted human figures appear in our mind.

And the man with the most pointed moustache (wonder how he kept them so stiff!- with wax?) and staring at us with his pair of marble size eyes... rather the dreamy figure that sometime visits us in our dreams.
But all these images fizzled away from my vision after I read Julie Ardery's blog

I begin to search and try to see how Dali looked behind his Moustache and the marbles eyes...

Oh yes he was handsome!

Check this up!

http://www.virtualdali.com/#photos ( hold this page for few minutes and see the dream like effect!) enjoy!

I am still wondering why some one who was handsome and did not want to look handsome?!

Isn't it that we try to look our best all the time? We even want to look better than our works!

Yes Julie has put it right, Dali was a Narcissus... he did not fall in love with his own look ,but he fell in love with his work!

He even lived like one of the characters from his painting!

What a dream and what a fantastic dreamer!